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Introducing This Site To Your Clients

Persons with dementia and their family partners in care have told us that the sheer volume of information available on the Internet can be overwhelming. Many say they do not feel confident to assess the credibility of this information. In addition, although the number of older adults who own a computer and know how to access information on the Internet has increased, many still struggle with using a computer and accessing the web.

As health educators and researchers in dementia care and support, we saw that there was a need for an information navigator for persons with dementia and their partners in care. With funding from the Canadian Dementia Knowledge Translation Network (CDKTN) and expert assistance from health care professionals, physicians, pharmacists, dementia educators, persons with dementia, families, and web developers, we created the Living with Dementia: Resources for Living Well web tool to serve as a quick and simple way to navigate to credible on-line information and resources.

You can find and use information on this site yourself or direct persons with dementia and their families to the site. The Home page offers assistance for people who want more information about how to use a computer or the Internet. The web tool is divided into four main categories and can be easily searched with keywords using the Search function.

In addition to the tools and resources you will find on this site, we think you will find the frequently asked questions section within each main category especially useful in your practice. The site is maintained by staff at the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program, who will continuously update information and links so you will be able to count on the Living with Dementia: Resources for Living Well web tool as a gateway to credible information and the most up-to-date resources.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the site, how you use it, and your suggestions for its continuous improvement.


[This page updated on December 13, 2012]
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