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Living Well - Emotional Well-Being

This section is designed to help you find important information about the different emotions you might be experiencing as a result of being diagnosed with a dementia, and some strategies to help address these emotions. Topics include:

  1. Dealing with feelings about your diagnosis or the diagnosis of your family member
  2. Coping with day-to-day emotions and feelings
  3. Dealing with stress and anxiety
  4. Managing depression
  5. Living and transforming with loss and grief
  6. Dealing with the stigma of dementia

Each topic contains frequently asked questions and answers. If you are looking for more information on a certain topic, you will also be able to access helpful links and websites within and at the end of each section.

Finding ways to recognize and manage your emotions can have a positive impact on your experience living with dementia. By recognizing different emotions you can then find specific strategies to help you cope with the emotions you are experiencing. This can help make the challenges of living with a dementia easier for you, your family members and friends. It is important to discuss how you are feeling with your loved ones so they can support you as you deal with the many different emotions you might experience as a result of being diagnosed with a dementia.

[This page updated on December 13, 2012]
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